Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe

Many times, startups assume that they can achieve all the deadlines, implement all the features of their application or solution at once, figure out all the technicalities, preserve their cash flow etc. But more often than not, this is not the case. You end up micromanaging a lot of processes that you didn’t intend to. This is why having an extended team can help you.

Extended teams are not a new or revolutionary solution. An extended team is a team of experts that is assembled for your company, to provide you with a cost effective and time saving alternative. Extended teams work for you, sharing their knowledge and expertise from a different location.

With our extensive knowledge in providing the extended team services we have pinpointed these 5 reasons why startups need extended teams:


  1. Easier control of resources

Being on top of your resource management is key when handling your startup. Having a great idea is no longer enough. Managing your resources can be very tricky when shaping your great idea into reality. Having an extended team can help you with having a better grasp of what you spend your time and resources on. Your core team can focus on essential work, while other tasks are taken care of by a team of experts in the field. Ideas are infinite, resources are limited.

  1. Having an access to a wider knowledge base

Not being tied down to a single location can be a great thing. By using the extended team model you can have a team in another location of the world, with a wider knowledge base of technologies, local markets, and оther skills that your startup can benefit from. Having different types of people working globally, using their knowledge, will lead to creating a startup environment that can take a solution or application on a global market easier than having a centrilized local team.

  1. Constant communication

Extended teams work closely on a daily basis. And when you focus on daily meetings via online platforms, you only talk about essential tasks that need to be performed. Friendly office banter and other distractions are removed when using an extended team. Focusing on essential work is very important when working on your application or solution, and an extended team can offer you just that.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Having an extended team is much By having a team abroad, you will be able to save money and time, and still get the expertise that you need to make your application or solution work.

  1. Increase global market reach

By having a team that is from different countries means that you can easily have a presence on more than one market. Of course in today’s world, you can have global reach just by having a great solution and great marketing, but to have people in different parts of the world, that know the local market and the local mentality can always help you build market reach faster.