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Automation-Creating systems to simplify end user engagement

For the past couple of years, automation has been аll the rave in IT. Looking for ways to ease processes for the end user comes natural. It’s easier for the user, it easier for the system engineers, easier for the whole IT sector in general.

Тhis past year we have had a lot of clients looking for automation of their IT processes. One in particular, has a large number of end users, and a complex IT system running across a variety of OS’s, a lot of applications, thousands of devices and аn enormous amount of data.

But this is a challenge that we welcomed with open arms, and created a system that suits their needs best. By using a set of applications and a team of our engineers, we provided the client with a “few click” system, that can be used by all end users, regardless of their IT knowledge.

Here are the applications used for creating this system:

Connected BackUp- for full backup of end user data on their PCs.

connected backup

WebEx (Cisco)- teleconferencing application by Cisco, a leading platform in the field.

WEbex join mtg2

Citrix XenApp- virtualization of applications and desktops.


InTune- a mobile device management platform.


SSCM- a complex application for remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection and hardware and software inventory.



By combing all these, we created a system that can be used by all the end users, with the simplicity for all, regardless of their IT knowledge.
Have no doubt, creating this system required time and hard work, but the end result was awesome. But the work those not end here. Maintaining, updating, and improving this system is a full time job, that needs a dedicated team of professionals. The amount of data that goes through these applications on a daily basis is incredible. Creating the system is a challenge, but maintaining it is challenge on a whole different level. But with the team that we have on working on this project, as well as our experience this is not a problem.

For any information regarding automation or other Radix Technologies services feel free to contact me at:

Aleksandar Maksimovski,
Lead Service Desk Specialist

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My Experience at SCU 2015

This August I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the SCU conference in a very rainy Basel. I settled at my hotel, got a good night’s rest and continued to Congress Center Basel, a large conference center near the Rhein River.
This year’s SCU had around 500 participants from all over the world, Мicrosoft MVPѕ, people that have worked with Windows for most their professional careers, and people who are just starting with enterprise level Windows implementations for clients. Needless to say, a bunch of professionals eager to learn, teach and share their experience with the attendees.

The 3 days of the SCU program were packed with all different kinds of speakers and sessions focusing on all things Windows systems, with a broad emphasis on Azure as a platform. This was particularly interesting to me, because of my background in Cloud systems, as well as being a Windows engineer for the most part of my proffesional career. So this was a great opportunity to learn from leading engineers that have built and used this system on different sized projects, with a lot of different uses, and different industries.
Finally, the third part of the Conference consisted of client testimonials who presented their success stories on how using Windows technologies have helped their businesses. Тhis was also quite useful for me, seeing how I learned some tips and tricks on how to improve my own work with our clients, as well as learning new and innovative ways on how to implement solutions to fit our clients’ needs.
Once all the sessions where done, coffee breaks, lunches and other events outside of the Congress Center, presented as great opportunities to chat with people, make great contacts as well as exchange experince with other participants on how to manage workflow, tips and tricks on using Azure and much more.

All in all, I found SCU to be a great experience, provided me with the opportunity to widen my knowledge base which I have since shared with my team here in Skopje, and also make great contacts with like minded people. Since attending SCU, I have found that our team has made quite a big number of improvements in our workflow, and the improved the quality of our service desk services that we provide globally. And I look forward to going to Berlin in 2016 at SCU again.


Aleksandar Maksimovski,

Leading Service Desk Specialist @ RadixCloud

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