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GDPR Compliance – Are you there yet, and if not can you get there?

What is GDPR compliance?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of standards that companies that handle data in the EU need to be compliant with. 25th of May 2018 is the date when these standards need to be met. After the 25th, companies that do not meet these standards of data privacy can be fined severely. Organizations involved in data processing of any sort need to be aware that the regulation addresses them directly in terms of the obligations it imposes. The GDPR emphasizes transparency, security and accountability by data controllers, while at the same time standardizing and strengthening the right of European citizens to data privacy.

Is my company GDPR complaint? How to check?

By reviewing your data policies. The most important things that you need to focus on are:

A) Reviewing data personal privacy rights
B) Learn about legal grounds of data processing
C) Change your consent request
D) Research child consent policies

Can I get help with this? What if I need assistance with getting GDPR compliance?

Of course. And Radix can help you with that. We help in two ways.
The first is consultation services. Our experts can help you revise your data handling policies and get them up to date with the standards required for GDPR.
The second is providing you with GDPR compliant solutions. Encrypted, safe and hosted in state of the art Swiss datacenters, these solutions are GDPR compliant and can help you with your data handling processes.

If you have any questions about GDPR compliance or our solutions, please contact us at

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Radix Technologies at the 20th Anniversary Summit for Hamburg@Work

We are very happy to be a part of the 20th anniversary summit from Hambug@Work, one of the best and biggest busssiness networks in the Hamburg area, Germany as well.

The event will take place at the Cap San Diego on the 7th of September, which is one of the most beautiful museum ships in Hamburg. A lot of companies will attend this event, and many solutions of some future-facing technologies will be presented  at the conference, followed by a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Our Director for Global Partners and Alliances, mr. Mark Nerlich will be visiting this event. If you want to find you more on how Radix Technologies can help you with developing your solutions with our team, feel free to contact mr. Nerlich.

Contact information:


Mobile: +49 (0)163 87 87 945

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Radix Technologies @dmexco

This year Radix Technologies will take part in dmexco conference on the 13th and 14th of September in Cologne(Köln), Germany. dmexco is one of the leading conferences for digital business in the world, and will feature 570+ international speakers, 50000 visitors and over 1000 exhibitors.

We will be there along with our partners Coremedia. Along with them, our very own Mark Nerlich will present our solutions that can change the way your digital marketing, sales and content management works. With our experience in these fields for over a decade, we can help your companies grow by providing them with custom solutions for their digital business needs.

So for everyone attending, we suggest contacting Mr Nerlich to set up a meeting and find out more on how your digital business can benefit from and grow with our services.

Contact details for Mr. Nerlich:


Mobile: +49 (0)163 87 87 945

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Radix Technologies @Sommerfestival of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg

We are very happy to announce that we will be part of the Seommerfestival of the Logistics Initiative in Hamburg, on the 31st of August.

This event will include over 500 leading logistics companies in Germany, getting together for a charitable event as well as some networking.

This year’s event marks the 11th time that Sommerfestival of the Logistics Initiative in Hamburg is being held. Our very own Mark Nerlich will attend this year’s event. So if you want to contact Radix and find out more on how we have been helping logistics company grow with our services, please contact Mr. Nerlich.

Contact details for Mr. Nerlich:


Mobile: +49 (0)163 87 87 945

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Radix Technologies @Logistik schafft Lösungen

We are very happy to announce that we will be a part of this year’s Logistik schafft Lösungen, taking place in Hamburg, Germany, on Wednesday the 14th of June.

Seeing how Radix has an immense experience in providing services for the logistics industry, we believe that we can offer the vast German market of logistics some new IT solutions that can save time, improve security and cut cots.

For more information look for mr. Mark Nerlich

Or contact him at:

Mobile: +49 (0)163 87 87 945

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Radix Technologies @ Amazon AWS Summit Berlin

We are very happy to announce that we will be part of this year’s Amazon Web Summit in Berlin on the 18th of May.

If you are attending, come and discuss with us about the Cloud industry, new trends as well as creative solutions that Radix can offer your business.

Our German Director of Global Partners and Alliances – Mr. Mark Nerlich will be there. (see pic below)



You can contact Мr. Nerlich at:


+49 (0)163 87 87 945


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Radix Tech @JobFair 2017 Skopje

We are very happy to announce that we will be a part of Job Fair – Skopje again this year!

Together with our internship program named Crowd Cloud Camp we will be at stands 6 and 7 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology on the 4th and 5th of April. People of our staff, as well as some of the interns that have been a part of Crowd Cloud Camp will be there to talk to you about the things that have been going on it CCC for the past year, opportunities for students as well as programs that we include in CCC.

We hope to see a lot of young minds of the Skopje area that, and we are looking forward to the new batch of brilliant minds that will be a part of Crowd Cloud Camp.


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Why do you need an Office 365 Partner?


Many of our customers and partners ask us why we decide to become a Microsoft Cloud Partner. It is so easy to order and start using Microsoft Office 365, it can be quite difficult for them to understand why a company would still need a 3rd party for this solution. We realized that with so many of our close customers and partners saying this, anybody considering office 365 must be thinking the same thing. Here are the key reasons why you should consider working with Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 Experts:

  1. Support It is true, Microsoft does support Office 365. You can always send them an email with your questions. However, for the majority of business users out there, they are not technical people and it can be quite difficult to understand their answers and implement the solution they recommend. You may have somebody in your office who is quite knowledgeable, but it is quite unlikely that they want to be come the office IT person. In addition, you probably want them to spend more time on their job and not on IT. Having somebody available, that can provide you that extra level of service and ensure that all your people are able to use their tools properly and without issue is something that most companies still need.
  2. MigrationAfter you sign up for Office 365, what do you do with all your data and email that is currently hosted on the server in your office, or at another provider. Do you have the time and knowledge to be able to migrate all your data over to Office 365 and point your domain name to the new service? By working with a company that has experts on both Office 365 and all the Microsoft products, you can be sure that your data will be moved and available.
  3. Product KnowledgeA survey by our partner SkyKick showed that fewer than 7.5% of all businesses with less than 250 employees are using Office 365 for email. However, that majority of those companies have email included in their packages. Typically, the service is not in use because the company doesn’t know they have it included, or they do not know how to use it. This is only for email, Office 365 includes other productivity apps such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. To fully take advantage of your investment, it is best to have a partner that is knowledgeable and ready to implement all of the solutions across your company.
  4. Compliance and BackupMany companies start using Office 365 without considering their data compliance and security. Office 365 does provide a backup service, but there are many reasons why you may need to have additional control over your data. We can provide you with services and tools, located exactly where you need them to be, to ensure that the data compliance rules your company may have are followed.

The key benefit of an Office 365 partner is the expertise that they are able to bring to the table. Although it is extremely easy to purchase and start using Office 365, it is extremely important to ensure that you have access to the level of expertise you need, when you need it. Having access to this expertise also ensures that you get the most out of your investment and that your business has access to all the productivity features you need.

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Maintaining your website – Why it is still important in 2017


Starting a company involves many firsts. First customer, first invoice, first ad, and of course, your first website. Very often, creating your first website requires many hours of effort to get it just the way you want it, as well as knowledge of web design. Unfortunately, after this first initial phase, most companies stop paying attention to their website, even today. In today’s digital world, this can reflect very badly on your business and as a result, you could lose sales, you won’t be able to have any brand visibility etc. Here are 5 reasons why maintaining your website and your web presence are important:

1. Your site is your window on your business

Everybody enjoys window shopping, and a website provides people with the ability to window shop any type of business. They can get an idea about your services or products and also learn more about your company and your team. It is important that they get to see the most up to date view of your company, otherwise they will get the wrong idea about what you are able to do. Regularly updating your site and keeping it active will ensure that people have an up to date view on your business and that you are still active. Customers today make informed choices, and your maintaining your website can enable them to be informed about your services or products.

2. Stay ahead of your competitors

If you aren’t keeping your website up to date, then it is very likely that your competitors are. If they are not, then you have a huge opportunity to take advantage of. People want to see modern webpages that have current and up to date information. If they see an older site that hasn’t been updated in many years, they will not stay on that page. They will simply visit the next one in the list and if they have an up to date page, they will stay there. It’s not just the information you present, it’s the way you present it that matters.

3. Stay Relevant on Search Engines

Search engines like to present new information. If there are 5 different sites that are promoting the same type of product, but only one has updated their website, this one will be presented before the others. Maintaining a blog on your website or regularly updating your products and product descriptions can go a long way to ensure that your pages stay relevant on search engines. Adding new features will also enable you to stay more relevant.

4. Stay in touch with your community

Your website can provide you a lot of information about who is visiting and how they came to your site. This information can help you find new leads and new places to advertise. Regularly updating your website will ensure that people continue to visit your site, and also share your site with other interested people. The information you can gather from these visits can be a very important tool for your marketing and sales team.

5. Stay Active

An active website lets people know that your company is open for business and available to support the needs of their customers. Updating the look and feel of your website with the new trends, maintaining the information and articles, and posting to your blog and social media outlets also ensures that your company looks professional and knowledgeable in the space that you are working in. Companies that do not maintain an active website look old and not in touch with their customer base. Keep an active website and grow your customer base. This is also very important with the previous point- staying in touch with your community.

Maintaining your website is essential to businesses today, especially now that most people do their product research on their mobile devices. If your site isn’t ready for today’s user requirements, or not cater to their desired user experience – you will most likely lose business.

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We are very happy to announce that the website for оur latest joint venture with our partner VisualGest called RadixVisualGest or RVG is finally up and running!

RVG combines the best of both worlds, Radix’s development, mobile and web services, as well as the next generation ERP system of VisualGest.

This partnership is based on our mutual experience of providing services to clients in a truly global model. Both companies have a history of providing premium services to companies of all sizes, services that are uniquely created to optimize their business processes. So with that in mind, we have ventured together to combine a unique ERP system along with the best in support and development, striving to create solutions that will bring companies closer to their customers, suppliers and markets.

For more details, visit RVG.

And stay tuned for more news!

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