We are very happy to announce that we have joined the OPI (Office for the promotion of Industries and Technologies), in Geneva, Switzerland. We are very excited to be a part of this great organisation, that helps small and medium sized businesses thrive by helping them with promotion of their services and operations. Аs a Swiss Company, we are glad to be a part of this great network that promotes businesses in the Geneva area. OPI is also one of the best and most vocal supporters of the start up scene in Switzerland.

With their sister organisation FONGIT, they provide office space for а lot of startup companies including our own clients Proton Mail and Prodibi.

So in the near future, be ready to see us at OPI events and conferences, where we can share ideas and knowledge. We look forward to thriving together with the OPI network.

At OPI, we will be represented by Pierre Alain Schmidt who is our Sales and Marketing Director. He can be contacted through email (pas@radixcloud.com) for any additional information.